There are plenty of reasons why people come to me to have a family portrait made. Whether it’s a portrait of a single person or it’s a family portrait of 25+ members, the professional photographs I supply you with will be invaluable for many years into the future. What you can expect from a professional photographer far outweigh any “selfie” or other pictures you or a family member can take for you. Here are some top things you should consider when shopping for a Hilton Head family portrait photographer.

1.   The Click Factor
When you’re having a professional photographer take your photo you want everyone to be calm and relaxed. That’s why it’s important to meet your portrait photographer ahead of time and get a feel for whether or not you “click”.

Beach Family Portraits

2.   Skill Level
You’ll want to use a portrait photographer like Hilton Head Island Portraits that are fully experienced in taking portrait shots in all different environments but especially at the beach. Just because a photographer shoots wonderful photographs in a studio doesn’t mean they’ll be able to do as nice a job outside where the lighting and weather are out of their immediate control. An experienced family portrait photographer will have lots of patience with the process of orchestrating the different family members. Small children can stress some photographers out but I see them as providing some great, candid shots to be treasured.

candid beach family portraits

3. Quality Equipment
Anyone can buy photography equipment – cameras, tripods, lights, etc. – but only a seasoned and well-trained photographer will know the right type of equipment to buy and how to best utilize it. I use my professional high-end equipment to your advantage to provide you with the breathtaking results you’re seeking.

Hilton Head Photographer

4.   Aesthetics
Not everyone has a good eye for taking pictures. You probably have plenty of photo albums from years past that confirm that. I’m one of the few photographers you’ll meet that has a good eye for a great shot. Just take a look at the photo galleries on my web site. It’s important to share with me how you intend to use the photographs I will be taking of you and your family. Are they for holiday gift giving to parents or grandparents, for business purposes, a senior graduating from high school or college, or engagement and wedding portraits. Let me know if there is a certain “look and feel” you want to convey, concerns that you may have regarding certain features, and specific accessories you want to have in the photos.

Your family is unique and truly special to you and I want the photographs I take to express that. The photos I take will celebrate you and your family and are ideal for gift giving or keeping for your own use. Whether you’re capturing a certain age of a child, a milestone in someone’s life, or a family reunion, I feel confident you’ll be quite pleased with the results I can provide.

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